Mutia Ti La Union 2015 candidate draws laughter in Q&A

Mary Grace Delfinado, a candidate in the Mutia Ti La Union 2015 representing Bacnotan town, drew laughter with her answer in the Q&A portion.

The pageant, where 20 lovely Ilocanas vied for the title, was held at San Fernando City Plaza Auditorium last Monday, March 2.

In the Question and Answer portion during the competition's Search and Coronation Night, one of the judges asked Delfinado, candidate number 3:

Do you think everyone should have a social media account like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, why or why not?"

She answered:

Photo from Facebook

Yes sir. Because most of us especially the youth, students, the college students most especially uhm they have Twitter, Facebook, Hashtag, like that. Sorry, slang.

For me it is required for us all the people to have social account because for us to be aware most especially all of us should uhm watch news so that we know what uhh what are the happenings around the world like the Fallen 44. Are you aware of that ladies and gentlemen?

Ok, whose fault is that? Sorry."

Her answer drew laughter from the audience. Even Kapuso actor Tom Rodriguez, who hosted the pageant, chuckled.

The video, owned by the La Union Information and Tourism Office, was posted by a netizen on Tuesday, March 3, on Facebook.

It garnered over 40,000 views before it was removed at around 8:35 a.m. today after negative remarks and rude criticisms flooded the comments section of the video.

In fairness to Delfinado, she was able to answer the question and her explanation brought the message across despite a difficulty in speaking English fluently. It's just that her sense of humor was overwhelming.