Krisel Mallari's allegations not true, says SNPS

The allegations made by Class of 2015 salutatorian Krisel Mallari are not true, the Sto. Niño Parochial School said in its official statement.

SNPS addressed the issue point by point in a lengthy message posted on Facebook early Monday evening, March 23, saying there's no truth to stories that are circulating on social and news media.

According to the statement, the salutatorian's "welcome remarks" was interrupted and stopped because she changed it on the day and hour of her speech. SNPS said it's a policy of the school to approve speeches and Krisel was told that she won't be allowed to continue if she violates the rule.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Krisel confirmed that she delivered a speech—about an alleged cheating incident in the school—which was different from the one approved by school authorities because she believes in "freedom of speech."

SNPS explained that the content of Krisel's speech was inappropriate for a welcome remarks and defamatory to the valedictorian, whom she accused of cheating which the school allegedly allowed.

In her speech, Krisel did not mention the valedictorian.

The school claimed it has already shown Krisel's grades to her father, Ernesto, including the computation for each subject. However, SNPS said the father also wanted to get the valedictorian's grades which, according to them, is against the policy of the school especially if there's no permission coming from the student's parents.

SNPS accused the older Mallari of harrassing the teachers. He allegedly shouted at one of them and forced others to sign a document, the statement said.

Since the school's grading system is computerized, it cannot be altered nor manipulated, SNPS clarified.

Mr. Mallari, the school said, always had a complaint at the end of the school year in previous years, but attended and received the awards during recognition programs. Despite expressing dissatisfaction, he still enrolled Krisel at the school opening, the statement read.