Josie Rizal, Filipina character on Tekken 7, launched

Popular video game Tekken 7 has launched Sunday a new female Filipino character called Josie Rizal, named after the Philippines' national hero.

She wears a gold blouse, blue skirt, red headband, and gladiator sandals.

Josie Rizal's fighting style involves kick boxing and Eskrima, the hand-to-hand Filipino martial arts. Her ending catchphrase is "I can't believe I won!" followed by a victory cry.

It was reported that Mark Julio of gaming accessories manufacturer Mad Catz has involvement in the character's design as he is of Filipino ancestry.

While many said Pinoy fans should be proud that Tekken acknowledges them by creating Josie Rizal, some netizens expressed dismay over her costume and that she doesn't speak Filipino/Tagalog, the country's national language.

"I'm really dissappointed... Its so unfair that Josie Rizal speaks English instead of Tagalog. Unlike the other Tekken characters, they are using their own native language," one gamer posted.


If you were given the privilege to name the Filipina character on Tekken 7, what would it be instead of Josie Rizal?