From Jamich to Neomich? Neo Domingo, Mich Liggayu 'dating'

Jamich is over. One-half of the former YouTube couple has died and it seems Mich Liggayu already found her new love team, Neo Domingo.

Rumors that the internet celebrity is dating the newbie singer have been circulating on social media after her fiancé, Jam Sebastian, died of lung cancer.

Popular gossip blog Fashion Pulis even published a photo of Neo and Mich, who were apparently "spotted on a date."

Photo from Instagram

On Facebook, someone commented that Mich allegedly said "I love you" to a guy while Jam was fighting for his life, entertainment website reported.

The YouTube sensation denied the rumor and insisted that Neo is just a friend.

The singer, meanwhile, told the entertainment website that Jam and Mich are his friends and he had worked with both in the short film "Classmates." He thinks their closeness was just misinterpreted.

Despite being linked to Mich, Neo said instead of putting malice on their friendship, people should just give her love and understanding after everything she's been through.