HK man found guilty of killing, cooking his parents

A court in Hong Kong has found a man guilty of killing his parents before chopping them and cooking some of their body parts in a microwave.

Eight out of nine members of the jury found 31-year-old Henry Chau Hoi-lueng responsible for the death of his father, Chau Wing-ki, 65, and mother, Siu Yuet-yee, 63. He will face sentencing for double murder on Monday.

The killer's friend and co-accused, Tse Chun-kei, 38, was acquitted. Investigators believed that the couple were murdered and dismembered in his flat, but he denied taking part in the killing, the South China Morning Post reported. He admitted preventing a lawful burial and sentenced to a one-year term in prison, but was freed because he already served jailtime during the trial.

Tse, who was described by a judge as "naive and vulnerable...but was only used by Henry Chau" in his evil deeds, was fetched by his sister, Phoebe, following the acquittal. They immediately took a taxi and left the court building after the verdict.

Chau and Tse were said to have discussed ways on how to dispose the bodies—including mixing the body parts with cement to turn them into bricks and cooking the remains before throwing them into the sea for the fishes to eat—to hide the evidence of the crime.

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Earlier, the court learned that the couple disappeared after following their son at Tse's flat on March 1 last year. The reason why they were following him is unclear.

A few days later, Henry Chau accompanied his older brother, Chau Hoi-ying, to look for their missing parents and even granted the media an interview to seek help from the public.

In the middle of the search efforts, Henry Chau reportedly texted his friends with messages admitting the crime. He also divulged to a cousin and a close friend more details, including his ambition to become a serial killer, before he was arrested with Tse fifteen days after the murder.

Authorities searched Tse's accomodation and found the couple's heads each stored in two refrigerators, according to the Daily Mail.

Forensics experts also recovered plastic lunch boxes containing chopped human flesh and internal organs. They also found in another room some plastic containers where salted body parts have been kept.

Mail Online also reported that a few missing body parts may have been cooked and eaten.