Half-human, half-cow baby born in Cavite?

A viral Facebook post claims that a half-human, half-cow baby was born recently in Cavite, in the same town where a man raped a pregnant cow.

Last Sunday, March 15, one Rhina Panda attached a photo of the creature with a caption that says a cow has given birth to a human-like calf.

The image already garnered over 7,000 shares as of 8:40 p.m. today.

Photo: YouTube screengrab

A few satire sites quickly linked the viral photo to the March 10 incident in Cavite, wherein a suspected drug addict was caught in the act sexually abusing a cow. Locals, however, reportedly denied that a half-human, half-cow baby was born there.

It turned out that the photo was grabbed from a YouTube video published in 2007.

According to a 2-year-old post on Google+, a buffalo gave birth to a human-like calf in Thailand. The upper parts of its body, particularly the head, bore a striking resemblance to a baby, but its feet and internal organs were recognized as those of a cow.

The calf died immediately, the post read, adding that residents of the unnamed Thai village gathered to pray for blessings (shown in the following screen-caps) with a strong belief that the strange phenomenon could bring luck.

Photo: YouTube screengrab

Photo: YouTube screengrab

Police reportedly arrested the owner of the mother cow for allegations of sexual abuse.