Fans rejoice! Jamich Facebook page 'hacked'

The Facebook fan page of the famous YouTube duo Jamich has been hacked, which is good news for their ever loyal fans. Read on to know why.

A reliable source, who spoke on condition of anonimity, told that changes on the page was noticed since March 13, five days after Jam Sebastian was brought to his final resting place.

Jamich photos and quotes, as well as individual pictures of the late internet sensation and his ex-fiancee, Mich Liggayu, can be seen on the fan page's timeline instead of links to a few Filipino-owned blogs.

Jamich fans should be very happy about the recent development, thanks to the hacker who kicked the hacker who hacked the original creator of the page (currently with almost 6 million likers) and abused it for profit.

Now that the fan page is in good hands (hopefully for good), Jamich fans will get what they deserve—updates from their beloved duo—without being misled by greedy admins.