Ellen Adarna looking for a sperm donor?

Count me in! I would like to volunteer as a sperm donor if indeed the sexy internet star turned actress, Ellen Adarna, is looking for one.

There's this Inquirer report today about the 26-year-old model-actress, who said that she wants to have a "baby only" in three years' time.

Ellen has been single since September last year. She and businessman Raoul Olbes called it quits after the love apparently died down.

According to the report, Ellen plans to get married (tentatively) at 35. She, however, wants to have a baby before reaching the age of thirty.

If given the opportunity, I'd be very proud to donate some home made yogurt.

Ellen, pick me from the tens of thousand of men who would volunteer to be your child's dad.

* * *

Just kidding.

Photo from Esquire Philippines