Duterte: National gov't impedes Davao LRT project

Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte, took his Federal advocacy to a different level Wednesday night when he said that the concentration of power in Metro Manila has spawned biases against people from the provinces.

He said that a highly centralized government where almost every action by the local government units requires approval from the Central Government has stunted the growth of the regions.

Duterte cited the proposed light rail (LRT) project for the city of Davao which was submitted to the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) for review and assessment.

"It has been there for three years now but so far I have not received a word on whether they will approve it or not," he said.

Photo courtesy: Inday Sara Duterte Facebook page

The proposed LRT is planned to connect the southernmost barangay of Davao City to its northern district to cut travel time and address the expected traffic congestion with the projected growth of the city years from now.

The South Korean consultants who have proposed the project, however, have complained that they have been given a run-around in Metro Manila.

"Kaya ang dapat itawag sa NEDA ay [So NEDA should be called] NADA, as in walay nada [no good]," Duterted added.

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