Dust devil in Albay school captured on video

A dust devil was captured on video in Albay. The whirlwind (ipo-ipo) occured Thursday, March 19, at Ligao National High School open ground.

According to Wikipedia, a dust devil is "a strong, well-formed, and relatively long-lived whirlwind, ranging from small (half a meter wide and a few meters tall) to large (more than 10 meters wide and more than 1000 meters tall)."

In the video posted by Wengee Apuli, students enjoyed watching the dust devil as it appears and disappears five times in three minutes.

Dust devils like the one seen in Albay "are comparable to tornadoes in that both are a weather phenomenon of a vertically oriented rotating column of wind. They form as a swirling updraft under sunny conditions during fair weather, rarely coming close to the intensity of a tornado."

The video was featured on ABS-CBN's primetime newscast TV Patrol earlier this evening.

Both Wikipedia and the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) said "dust devils are usually harmless, but can on rare occasions grow large enough to pose a threat to both people and property."

Here's the video: