'Disgusting' Facebook user earns netizens' ire

A Facebook user with the handle Eun Bri earned the ire of netizens for posting various photos of innocent children with disgusting captions.

It's a private account, but one of those who got added as a friend was able to capture the following screenshots from his timeline.

Netizens believe that Bri is a pedophile as it appears that he is attracted to young girls, based on his nasty comments.

The suspect on January 5, 2015 posted a "life event" saying he had "moved to Cebu City, Philippines." In a comment posted on March 4, Bri said he is "temporarily" staying in the Queen City of the South "to study English."

Angry netizens hope the authorities will track him down. A certain Dondee said he had coordinated with the PNP Anti-Cyber Crime Group to investigate the matter.