Customer clears Jollibee manager's name

A lady customer cleared the name of the Jollibee Chino Roces branch manager who was accused by a netizen of being rude and disrespectful to her.

Delia Mabeza of Makati City, the woman referred to in the viral Facebook post as "a senior citizen," wrote a statement to "protect the name of Mr. Renz Lequiron, Jollibee Restaurant Manager 3" against allegations made by a certain Brian Nairb.

In a Facebook post dated March 3, Brian narrated the story and posted two photos of Renz, whom she (yes, she's a woman) described multiple times as "rude, disrespectful, and sarcastic."

Brian said she was "shocked" to hear the Jollibee manager telling the old lady in an impolite manner to just sit down as he would serve her ordered macaroni soup. The "concerned citizen" also noticed that the cashier, whom she identified as Roxanne Calangian, was "smiling and giggling" and apparently holding herself from laughing out loud.

Brian then called on the fast food chain's human resource department to give Renz "a training that would make him a better person and not a failure to [the] company." The viral FB post has been removed, but netizens were able to capture screenshots.

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In turned out that Renz and Delia know each other since the latter is a regular customer. In fact in her letter of testimony, the lady noted that she has known the branch executive every time she comes to Jollibee "to have breakfast, lunch and dinner."

Radio commentator, blogger, and social media influencer Arpee Lazaro, who was allowed to review the CCTv footage of the March 2 incident by a "source at Jollibee," said in a blog post that the familiarity between the senior citizen, the manager, and even the cashier reached a level where they can already exchange jokes with one another.

Delia Mabeza added in her signed testimony that she disagrees on the allegation that Jollibee PRC manager Renz Lequiron was rude, disrespectful and sarcastic, pointing out that Brian Nairb "is just making a bad impression... to destroy his name."

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