Cebu town vice mayor's scandal like a teleserye

The teleserye-like Cebu town vice mayor's scandal has become a trending topic online after the legal wife and alleged mistress had a faceoff.

The main characters are Ronda town Vice Mayor Jonah John Ungab, his pregnant wife Pearl, and lawyer Jiecel Tiu, who is accused of having an illicit with the public official.

Tiu worked at the Ungab Gealon and Associates, a law firm of the Vice Mayor, for four years but decided to leave because the wife allegedly harassed her. She is a godmother of one of Ungab's children.

Photo credit: Cebu Daily News

Mrs. Ungab, 41, is facing charges for attacking Tiu with a baseball bat at Echavez Extension in Barangay Cogon Ramos. This happened after the vice mayor's wife rammed her Nissan Navarra into the lawyer's Toyota Vios several times, reported. Thursday's confrontation happened in a parking lot followed by a car chase.

Tiu, 30, reportedly sustained bruises on her left shoulder and a wound behind her left ear. She was brought to a hospital and released after being treated. The laywer, who denied having a romantic relationship with the Vice Mayor, filed frustrated murder charges against his wife at the prosecutor’s office on Friday, February 27. The charges were downgraded to slight physical injuries on Tuesday, March 3, for lack of basis, according to the latest reports.

Mrs. Ungab, who was placed under hospital arrest, admitted in an interview that she smashed the glass window of Tiu's car but denied hitting the lawyer with a baseball bat.

The vice mayor's wife said she went after Tiu not because of jealousy but out of anger after the lawyer berated and insulted her, and fired pepper spray on her face. She claimed that Tiu also bumped her and her 2-year-old daughter with the sedan.

Crying, Mrs. Ungab asked how come she is being detained when they were supposed to be the victims. She said her husband already paid her bail bond and promised to provide her with the best lawyer. The couple has five children plus the one in Mrs. Ungab's womb.

While Tiu reportedly said Mrs. Ungab threatened her a number of times and has been fabricating stories and evidence against her, the vice mayor's wife said she ruined her family. Mrs. Ungab mulls filing countercharges against Tiu as well as seeking the lawyer's disbarment, according to the report.

Meanwhile, in a text message sent to the Inquirer, Vice Mayor Ungab said: "As much as possible, I want to hold my silence to protect further damage this issue may bring to all parties especially to my children."