'50 Shades of Bagito: Stairway to Heaven' edition surfaces

It seems posting videos of teenagers doing it in a public place has become a trend. There's a new scandal titled "50 Shades of Bagito: Stairway to Heaven" edition.

The latest version is 2 minutes and 12 seconds long and was posted last Friday, March 6, on a Facebook page with unclear title.

It is similar to part 1 as the teens performed the act in what appears to be a gymnasium and the recording was done by a third party. Many believe it was a set-up.

Compared to part 1, the new video only got a little over 127,000 hits after 4 days. The possible reason of the slump in the number of views is that social media users are getting sick and tired of the Bagito scandal series.

Some netizens demanded that the scandalous "50 Shades of Bagito: Stairway to Heaven" video be deleted, yet it's unknown how many reported it for removal.

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