Taiwan Plane Crash: TransAsia Flight GE235 Update

The Taiwan plane crash happened Wednesday morning, February 4, when TransAsia Airways Flight GE235 clipped a bridge and plunged into a river.

At least 25 people were reported dead and 15 survivors were brought to hospitals in Taipei following a rescue operation at Keelung river.

Various news sources said the ATR-72 aircraft was heading for Xiamen with 58 people on board—53 passengers + 5 crew members—when the mishap occured around 10.55 a.m., barely 10 minutes after takeoff at the airport.

Per initial investigation, the plane may have crashed due to engine failure but authorities are yet to decipher the two black boxes on Wednesday to determine the cause.

Among the survivors of the Taiwan plane crash was a baby. Two people on board a taxi that was hit by the aircraft's wing while traversing the skyway were terrified but unharmed, reports said.