SAF44 'massacre' aftermath: Misleading news, photo go viral

In the aftermath of the SAF44 'massacre', a misleading news and photo of alleged dead moro rebels "killed by scout rangers" has gone viral.

On Monday, February 2, a Facebook page posted what it claimed as "breaking news:"


BIFF Rebels killed in action earlier by the our Scout Rangers. Several BIFF Fighters were killed in action today while attempting to ambush our brave elite Scout Rangers in Maguindanao as our Rangers were doing a followup operations regarding our FALLEN 44 victims. No Scout Rangers were hurt during a 10-15 minutes firefight! Congrats Scout Rangers! Para sa Bayan walang ng atrasan dyan! (For the country, no retreat!)

A netizen belied the headline, saying:

Hmmmm.Sorry guys....the picture is true but the caption is misleading. Picture below is from The Maimbung Massacre.

In this digital age, it's very easy for irresponsible persons to make up stories about the SAF44 and circulate propaganda to spark anger among citizens and social media users.

It's now up to the reader to decide on what to believe and what not to believe.