Man attempts to jump off tower after breakup with live-in partner

A laborer attempted to jump off the tower of a radio station after a breakup with his live-in partner just a few days before Valentine's Day.

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According to a report aired on a local newscast, the incident happened in the premises of Bombo Radyo located at San Pedro Street, Davao City last Tuesday.

The brokenhearted man was identified as Eric Quimson. It was found out that he planned to commit suicide after his live-in partner, Anna, called it quits.

Serio Bayadog, the radio station's security guard, said the shirtless laborer asked for direction to the entrance leading to the tower.

When asked for his purpose, Eric said he was going to install something. He sneaked into the compound after the guard went to the station's office to validate his purpose.

Eric, who admitted in the interview that he was determined to jump off the tower, was convinced to go down after a negotiation with a friend who, on the other hand, told him that his live-in partner fainted after learning what happened.

For her part, Anna said she decided to put an end to the relationship because Eric has a drinking habit and is very hard-headed.

Eric reportedly said he wants to get reunited with Anna because of love. They have been together for over a year.

Here's the video: