Mamasapano Massacre video uploader 'heartless' — Palace

The Mamasapano Massacre video uploader is "heartless," according to a Malacañang official who wants the video taken down from social media.

In a press briefing on Wednesday, presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda told the owner to remove the video showing the brutal slaying of a Special Action Force (SAF) commando who was fighting for his life.

"Whoever uploaded the video is a heartless fellow," he said. "If you still have some humanity left in your soul, we ask you to take it down."

The slain police officer in the video was identified as PO1 Joseph Sagonoy. Besides him being shot to death twice at close range, the video also shows looting of battle gears from several lifeless men in uniform.

President Benigno Aquino III has been earning the ire of netizens since the so-called Mamasapano Massacre occured last January 25 in Maguindanao. The public backlash against the Bangsamoro Basic Law is apparently becoming stronger.

Malacañang has this to say:

"You have a right to be angry. You have a right to be outraged by such a brutal display of violence. But at the end of the day, we need to seek the truth. We need to find justice for all of those who died, including the SAF hero who was in that video. And that is what we intend to do."

Lacierda's statement drew negative reactions from the followers of a certain Even Demata, whose Facebook page is where the viral video was first seen, apparently.

Facebook user Ej said: "Why would they want it Removed?? It's an Evidence for Christ sake! It just only proves that what Happened in Mamasapano was NOT A MISENCOUNTER but a MASSACRE! And it just shows what kind of People the Government is Negotiating peace with. Savages and uncivilized."

One KC argued: "I think the main reason WHY they wanted the video to be taken down from social media is because of its graphical content and brutality. Viewers are not just adults but also, there are young ones who needed to be protected. It may be taken down BUT the senate of course has produced and might possibly have a copy out of it."

In a separate post, EJ said: "Well I've got good news for you guys. Seems that almost all of the videos regarding mamasapano massacre have now been removed from all pages. Looks like the palace is really hell bent on removing them."

In the comments section of Rappler's report on the issue, more netizens have expressed their thoughts on Lacierda's statement.

Marvin said: "the uploader of the video is "heartless?" I beg to disagree. Were if not for the upload, the ordinary citizen could have been deprived of the truth. the video speaks for itself... it doesn't make us rely on your assurances Mr. Lacierda and Ging Deles that MILF is truthful in pursuing peace... that soldier was executed by them. Nowhere now can you claim to await the veracity of MILF atrocities and violations of peace process pending "their" investigation. ....... OH I KNOW YOUR NEXT LINE: "...according to the findings, THE PERSON WHO SHOT THE SAF IN THIS VIDEO IS A MEMBER OF THE BIFF AND NOT MILF...." just to save BBL... I challenge you to put that BBL on plebiscite, that the entire country may be heard whether or not filipinos want it. It is the entire country's coffers that is on the line anyway so every filipino deserves to have a say and not just opportunistic individuals!"

Mark posted: "We are angry because all we asking is for the government to do something right and not to do something legal. What's the use of legal matters if for instance that the rebel group the your suing peace with cannot control the forces under their command? We know that war cost more than money but the also the lives of others but all we ask is for the government to do something right especially for the victims of this violent acts."

Ipe commented: "Good Lord, why do they continue to embarrassed themselves?! As if the massacre of 44 SAF is not enough. You want the truth but your actions speaks otherwise because that video may shed some light. #WrongSideOfTheFenceMrPresident"

* * *

Was it right to call the Mamasapano Massacre video uploader heartless? Shouldn't Malacañang condemn the barbaric act instead?