Legal wife unleashes post-Valentine's wrath vs 'cheating husband', 'mistress'

A legal wife from Olongapo City has unleashed a post-Valentine's Day wrath against her cheating husband and his alleged bisexual mistress.

Icyy Jane, who lives in Valenzuela City, posted her rant on the Davao Online Businesses (Davao Sale) Facebook page just after midnight on February 14, saying:

Hi People of Davao City! Im LOOKING FOR this man named Mark *** of Pediatrica whose currently with his 19yrs old bisexual mistress Dianne *. I was told that the two were last seen on a scuba date yday, wow you b*tch have the gut to splur money on a date while your 1 year old daughter is late on her scheduled vaccine, like what the f*ck? Im done being nice with you. To anyone who knows PM me. -Legal Wife"

The post, which was removed at around 10:45 a.m. today, drew mixed reactions from netizens.

While many verbally castigated the husband and his alleged mistress, there were some who criticized the legal wife for posting her allegations and photos of the apparent cheaters.

A few were also debating about the alleged bisexuality of the other woman.

This has become a trending topic on social media as netizens associated it with the ABS-CBN hit series "Two Wives."