Jeepney driver abandons old man who suffered stroke

An old man, who was initially unidentified, was abandoned by a jeepney driver on a road side in Pasay City after he suffered a stroke and died.

A certain Mark Uy Calasin posted on Facebook last Saturday, February 7, a photo of the elderly who was left lifeless about 500 meters away from San Juan De Dios Hospital.

Calasin said he felt pity for the old man because not a single person from the jeepney even bothered to bring him to the nearest hospital. He said nobody was able to get the PUJ's plate number.

A day after the incident, one Ruzendo Agawa informed Calasin that the victim, identified as Valentino Elcano, was brought to the Pasay General Hospital.

Another concerned netizen, Alvin Elisan, also told Calasin that Elcano was a hilot practitioner from Cavite.

On Monday, a nurse from PGH told Calasin that the stroke victim was already dead on arrival. The medical staff reportedly tried to revive him but to no avail.

Kim Paulo Gonzales said Elcano's relatives arrived and positively identified him. He said they have already claimed his body at the funeral parlor.

Netizens and a relative of the old man thanked Calasin for posting the photo and spreading the information on social media.