How To Be Happy Even If You Are Poor

Human as we are, we usually associate our personal happiness to how flourishing our pockets are. Is that even true?

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In this life’s journey, I was privileged enough to meet wealthy people who definitely have their own share of mishaps and troubles that are not necessarily money-related.

Nope, I never said that money isn’t important. What I wanted to emphasize is money does not truly make the world go round because if it does, then I hope all of us are rich and we’ll realize it’s not what makes living our lives worthwhile.

On the other hand, I personally know a family and some individuals who always share a good laughter and their fulfilled lives with me even in the midst of scarcity and day-to-day struggles. I took the time to ask them for tips and here’s what I got.

Eliminate Unnecessary Baggage in Life:

The door towards contentment is narrow and a bit constricted, which means that you can’t bring everything you wanted if you desire peace of mind.

Do you feel any grudge towards somebody? You must learn to end it and set yourself free. Make sure to nurture a calm and peaceful sense of being and avoid building blocks of negative vibes.

Being poor does not make you hateful, being discontented does.

Celebrate Blessing:

No matter what we do, there will always going to be a gap between the rich and poor. But, that does not mean that we will run out of things to be grateful and be happy.

Are you going to spend your dinner with complete family members? Celebrate it by adding one more additional favorite viand or probably buy an ice cream to share with one another as a dessert.

Did your youngest pass all of her periodical exams? Celebrate by writing her a simple card with dedications from everyone.

See? Who says happiness always has a price tag. Sometimes, it’s all about being there and always appreciating no matter how small an accomplishment could be. As always, great things always start small!

Focus On What You Can Do Today:

Do you feel jealous of your neighbor who seems like a collector of the latest gadgets and fiery four-wheels in his garage plus a mansion-like house? Now, meditate some more and think about whether it helps you or are you feeling belittled?

Jealousy should not lead you to asking why life is unfair and why you feel like you were born in a wrong family. Bear in mind that you are exactly where you are supposed to grow.

Focus on the things that you can control and stop comparing yourself to other people. Life is short and never wastes your time daydreaming that your life is in other people’s shoe. Instead, start working on your goals and know that dreams do come true.

Decide To Be Happy:

Yes. No matter what arguments I say about being happy even in the midst of poverty, everything will be useless if you don’t believe it. Nothing will be effective in convincing you that it’s true, if you can’t see a ray of possibility.

Happiness is not about the color of your skin or the educational background that you have nor how big the house you live in.

Happiness is about how you decide to see yourself . Whether you see a champion pursuing life’s race or a defeated, unwanted soul deep within, you are who you say you are and you will be who you believe you will become.