Filipinos still 'walk' for EDSA Revolution

Every year, our country celebrates the anniversary of the world famous people power revolution more popularly known as the EDSA Revolution.

It has been 29 years since a multitude of peace-loving Filipinos walked the length of the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue in a bloodless revolt that toppled the dictatorship of then President Ferdinand Marcos.

Today, Pinoys are still "walking" at EDSA.

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This happened after the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) issued an advisory closing portions of the main Metro Manila thoroughfare in commemoration of the 29th anniversary of the historic undertaking.

Earlier, MalacaƱang declared February 25 as a working holiday all over the country. Because of the road blocks, many workers were forced to walk while motorists were advised to take the following routes:
  • Right to McKinley Road to C5 to destination
  • Right at Kalayaan Avenue to C5 to destination
  • Take Rockwell flyover, left turn to Estrella and utilize Estrella/Pantaleon bridge which is now open to traffic
  • Right at J.P. Rizal C5 to destination
  • Right at Pioneer St. C5 to destination
  • Right at Shaw Boulevard C5 to destination
  • Right at J. Vargas C5 to destination
Southbound motorists, meanwhile, were told to go right to Santolan, left turn to Ortigas Avenue, right turn to Wilson, left at P. Guevarra and Shaw Boulevard, right turn to Edsa to point of destination.

The MMDA reportedly said road closures on EDSA would be from:
  • Shaw Boulevard to Santolan and all perpendicular roads from east side including Internal Avenue, Garden Way, Julia Vargas, Bank Drive, Guadix, Poveda, Ortigas Avenue, Corinthian Subdivision Gate 2, White Plains, Santolan.
  • Ortigas Avenue including Meralco-Ortigas junction southbound and Ortigas Avenue-Connecticut northbound.
  • White Plains from White plains-Katipunan southbound.
The MMDA website isn’t loading as of this writing, but the agency has been providing updates on social media.

EDSA, where traffic is often heavy during regular days, was bereft of vehicles before 12 noon today.