Diether Ocampo answers allegations he's hiding, not paying staff

Diether Ocampo finally answered allegations that he is hiding from the production staff of an independent film he produced after failing to pay them.

In a statement quoted Sunday on ABS-CBN's showbiz-oriented talk show "The Buzz," the 38-year-old actor said he's taking full responsibility for what happened.

“As the executive producer of Tandem Entertainment, I take full responsibility. There are matters beyond my control that led to this predicament. I will never run away from my responsibilities,” he reportedly said.

Diether shared that he will meet with the production staff to address the problem.

“I treasure the people behind the project and I would not allow them to suffer. I assure the staff that I will give them what is due them,” he added.

Courtesy: Star Cinema

The accusations against the actor first surfaced on social media. Initially, there were blind items on Facebook about an independent film producer who did not pay his staff despite their rendered work. Diether was later named as the person the rumors were referring to.

One of the staff members, who requested that his identity be kept private, granted "The Buzz" an interview.

He said there were staff members who received post-dated checks from Diether last month, but some of them were unable to encash their checks dated February 10 due to insufficient funds.

The staff member also revealed that some of his co-workers were paid on an installment basis, while others were not paid at all.