Chicser's ‪Protacio Maglantuta‬ short film (viral video)

Protacio Maglantuta, a short film produced by the boy group Chicser, has gone viral. It's probably the funniest short movie you'll ever see.

Chicser said the shorty "is an output of Viva Artists' acting workshop."

In their official Facebook page, the video got 19,000 likes, 11,400 shares and over 334,000 views as of 10:45 p.m. on Valentine's Day.


Obviously, fans appreciated the short film and praised members of the all-boy group for their acting performance. Some said they were teary-eyed while watching the scenes.

However, American Institute for English Proficiency co-founder, general manager, and specialist Chris Delacruz said he "got as far as 2:04" and "stopped" for the following reasons:

  1. Camera is too shaky.
  2. Guy is looking for food by the grass.
  3. Hair and make-up look too unreal.
  4. And what broke the camel's back was when the guy said he was the richest guy there, but he's eating at that place. He drives a moped."

We agree with his observations.