Bagito scandal part 2 video circulates, Facebook page created

A supposed part 2 of the so-called "Bagito" scandal video is reportedly circulating on Facebook where a relevant page has just been created.

According to Social Trends PH, the video also features "two high school students," although it's unclear whether or not the persons were the same.

It was allegedly taken by a security guard, who spoke towards the end of the footage that the girl involved is only "16 years old."

Apparently, he interrupted the two and told them to show their IDs only after he had recorded the intimate encounter for "over 11 minutes."

The report hasn't been verified independently.

Another source said the video has already garnered 1,490 likes and 2,792 shares on Facebook as of 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a Facebook page for the trending topic has been created. It contains screenshots and a link to the Bagito scandal video that went viral last week, but netizens are warned not to click it as the landing page may contain malware.

* * *

Why are videos of this nature becoming a fad? Is it the effect of media influence? Should people put the blame on the television series?