'Bagito' influence? Pupils show 'puppy love' in viral video

A video showing pupils of San Fernando Elementary School in Pampanga having some "puppy love" in time for Valentine's has gone viral online.

It shows a male grade six pupil kneeling on his left knee as he offers chocolates and a stuff toy to a girl in front of their schoolmates and a group of young boys who entertained everyone with a serenade.

It can be noticed that after a few seconds, the boy jumped with gladness — a common reaction of someone who has been answered with a yes.

The video garnered more than 6,600 shares and over 283,300 views as of 9:35 a.m. today.

The "romantic" scene appears to be part of the Valentine's Day celebration at the school and it seems no teacher was around when it happened.

Do you think it was appropriate for them to do it at such a very young age?