Angry teenager pours acid on boyfriend's manhood

An angry teenager poured acid on the manhood of her boyfriend after the latter posted on social media their private video he secretly filmed.

A Times Live report did not name the 17-year-old suspect for being a minor, but identified the man as Humphrey Khoza, 25.

The girl went furious after finding out that her boyfriend recorded one of their intimate moments using his laptop and posted the video online.

She reportedly rushed to the bar where the guy regularly drinks, called him "a dog," and threw battery acid onto his lap.

The extent of damage is unclear, but Khoza was told the acid attack has rendered his private part useless.

Despite what happened, he decided not to file a case against his girlfriend as putting her in jail "will just ruin her future."

Besides, Khoza said he doesn't have "the energy to attend" court hearings and junior will no longer rise from the dead.

The injury has forced him to urinate through a tube, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the girl reportedly said it was never her intention to kill the one-eyed monster.

"I was just angry and all I wanted was to make him feel the pain I was feeling," said the minor, who reportedly mulls pressing charges against her boyfriend for creating pornographic material.