Action-packed street fight captured in photos

An action-packed street fight between two motorcycle drivers along a busy road in Metro Manila has been captured in photos that have gone viral.

A netizen named Jhun Mabanag, whose Facebook profile shows that he's from Bacoor, Cavite and currently lives in Navotas City, posted the pictures on Friday afternoon, February 27th.

The root cause of the fist fight is unknown. However, the uploader said the two motor riders started throwing punches at each other in the middle of the street after racing.

It can be seen in one of the pictures that the rider in red smashed his opponent with a helmet.

The two even wrestled in the asphalt concrete pavement right before the eyes of witnesses.

A traffic enforcer tried to pacify the riders but, based on the photos, it appears that he was ignored. Apparently, order was restored when another traffic enforcer arrived.

Lesson learned? Don't be cranky while driving. Otherwise, you will get into trouble.