3 pocket-friendly ideas this Valentines

February marks the season of red heart-hanging decorations with obvious increase of flower bouquet packages and chocolate gifts around the marketplace.

Nowadays, people are so into the hype and are very sure to spend extra cash just to feel that they are in tune this season of red roses, candle-light dinner and heart-shaped cards.

Well, for those who has the money for it, why not? But, how about those who would like to celebrate with limited budget or does not have extra cash at all?

Most often than not, Valentine’s Day became a season of unreasonable retail hype, so how about instead of overflowing chocolate, restaurant date, card and flowers, let’s experience a real celebration of romantic love.

How would we do that? Well, as what we always say — “love will find a way” and so do we, right?

1.) Put your Love into Words:

Nowadays, we are so focused on fancy things with a huge price tag attached. However, more than the amount, it’s always very special to be able to feel the sincerity and real love expressed as you read through each word written by your loved one.

How about getting a clean sheet of paper (a scented one is an extra) and try to scribble down the exact words to express your adoration to your partner.

Create a poem, write your love story, describe how deep your love is.

2.) Be Your Lover’s Personal Masseuse/ Masseur:

Skip the spa and go directly to your room turned mini health resort personally set up by you. Light some calming scented candle, dim the light and treat your partner with that motion and pressures apply unto his/her muscles.

It’s not really about whether you are good in massaging (though that’s an extra point), it’s all about taking the time to share that special caressing and calming touch as an expression of how willing you are to take good care of your lover.

3.) Play a Special Game as a Date Activity:

It’s very usual for couples go to their favorite restaurant and order their all-time-favorite meals.

In addition, there are flowers and chocolates to make things extra sweet but how about if we pass over the material stuffs and proceed with what the celebration is all about.

Yes, it’s your lovestory, right? The best part is always reminiscing the past and check how your partner really knows you.

Try this:

Play a cute trivia type of game where you ask questions about each other like your favorites, weird facts, you know, questions that will allow you to both visit the memory lane.

See? Simple things like these are often overlooked but these surely tickles the heart of your partner as it involves your personal touch, your intentional and 100% presence plus giving importance to the details of your lovestory means what you have is truly something he/she values a lot.

Love is given for free, so this Love season make sure you exert effort in doing something, though simple but undeniably priceless.

* * *

About the Author: Hosting Happiness is a Davao-based wedding host and coordinator. Like her Facebook page.

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net