Two men taken into police custody for sneezing loudly

Two men were taken into police custody recently after an annoyed male neighbor-next-door complained that they talked and sneezed loudly.

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The alleged offenders were identified as alias Rico, 42, a merchandiser, and alias Junior, 40, private employee, while the complainant is 52-year-old alias Aring, all residents of Lower Madapo, Barangay 5-A Bankerohan, Davao City, according to a report on a local newspaper.

In a blotter recorded by Police Officer (PO) 2 Kian Paul Bargio, desk officer of the San Pedro Police Precinct 2, Aring complained that he could not sleep because it was noisy when his neighbors talk and sneeze and their pet dogs bark.

For this reason, Aring confronted the two, who also accused him of stone-throwing. Apparently, the angry complainant grabbed a wooden stick and challenged Rico to a fistfight; they almost had a brawl.

After they were blottered, the three were reportedly called to the barangay office to resolve the dispute.