True story behind the 'True Story of True Love' viral photo

There's a viral photo titled "True Story of True Love" that's grabbing attention from netizens who wanted to know the real story behind it.

True Story of True Love
Screen grab from Facebook
A website called posted a picture showing two dead bodies being placed in a cadaver bag. They appear to be hugging each other tightly and locked together.

The site did not provide details and only described it as "a special case of true love." However, an Indonesian netizen narrated what he knows about the "story" behind the image.

"This happened in my country, Indonesia, quite a long time ago. Rumors say they had sex in a cemetery and are found dead but still intact in the next morning," Sebastian Peng Michaelis shared. This has not been indepently verified.

As of this writing, the "interesting" Facebook post has hundreds of shares and comments, and over 7,200 likes.