Stella Marquez Araneta trips at Miss Universe 2014 venue

Pageant director and organizer Stella Marquez Araneta tripped while going out of the Miss Universe 2014 venue, viral Instagram photos show.

Filipino gossip blog Fashion Pulis posted on IG pictures of her as she tried to rise with the help of her companions after apparently falling on the ground on her way to the parking lot of the FIU Arena at Florida International University in Miami.

Photo: Instagram screen grab

The former beauty queen has been blamed after Mary Jean Lastimosa, the Philippines' representative to the recently concluded international pageant, failed to make it to the top five.

Netizens expressed disappointment over the floral-themed national costume MJ donned during the competition, which was designed by renowned Colombian designer Alfredo Barraza.

Humorous ones even compared it to a cake.

According to reports, the 77-year-old chose Barraza over Filipino designers because their gowns were "not good enough." Her supposed statement, which social media users called an insult, raised eyebrows and irked many. Calls to replace Araneta with someone younger were loud.

Here are some of the sentiments posted on Twitter:

Has the collective negative vibes reached Araneta and caused her to trip at the Miss Universe 2014 venue or was it purely accidental?