Rene Requiestas 'kalokalike' wows on It's Showtime

Gilbert Orcine, who has a striking resemblance to the late comedian Rene Requiestas, left "It's Showtime" viewers in awe when he joined the noontime show's celebrity look-alike competition.

Rene Requiestas 'kalokalike'
Photo: YouTube screen grab

The 51-year-old entertainer and stage director from Quezon City also impressed the audience, hosts and judges as he portrayed the Cheetaeh (gandang lalake!) character, the funny sidekick of Starzan (Joey de Leon), to near perfection from start to finish and even during the question and answer portion.

Watch his act:

The kalokalike's performance last January 22 was significant because it was the real person's birthday (that's why he brought a cake with candle on stage), an appropriate moment to remember the entertainer, who at the age of 36 passed away in July 1993 due to tuberculosis and other complications caused by heavy smoking and drinking.

Kalokalike, an impersonation competition where contestants deliver an introduction, a monologue and talent performance, is currently on its third season.