Real-life 'Honesto' wants to return ATM card, P35K cash

An honest resident of Davao City wants to return to its owner an ATM card and a bundle of P500 bills worth P35,000 he found on Saturday.

Rain Fall Jang, whose Facebook profile shows that he studied at the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP), said he found a transparent pouch containing several school items (ballpens, double-sided tape, pencils etc.), a One Network Bank ATM card with no name, and the money in front of the Ateneo de Davao University.

He said it's possible that the owner is a student who was about to pay the tuition fee at ADDU.

In his post on the Facebook page of Davao City's Public Safety and Security CC/911/TMC Support Group, Jang said the claimant can send him a private message.

The real-life "Honesto" received praises from netizens, although there were a few who doubted him. Here's what he had to say:

Thanks to all ur suggestions. Wala sa teaching ng pamilya namin ang angkinin ang hindi sa akin kahit mahirap lang kami [In spite of being poor, to own what is not ours is not what was taught in our family]. Just hoping na sana maramdaman ng mag may ari nito ang pag asang maibalik ito sa kanya ng bou [hopefully the owner would positively think that all of these will be returned in full]. Ok na sa akin ang "thank you" [a "thank you" will suffice]."