Philippine made 'Salamander' amphibian tricycle launched (+video)

Car customization expert Atoy Llave together with H2O Technologies recently launched the "Salamander," a Philippine made amphibian tricycle.

As what the description says, the vehicle can travel in both land and water.

It has a 5kW electric engine and a 250cc gasoline motor, 1 electric and 1 internal-combustion, and a 6-person seating capacity (4 in water), motoring magazine TopGear Philippines reported.

H2O Salamander
Photo credit: Christian Halili (

The H2O "Salamander" was reportedly launched this week in Mandaluyong.

Here's a video:

Llave, whose dream is to "put the Philippines on the global automotive map" with his innovation, told TGP that he wants to "show the world that the Filipino can."

He also hopes to generate funds from companies and businessmen in the country for the development, enhancement and finally production of the Pinoy-made amphitrike.