Windows 10 upgrade will be free, says Microsoft

Good news! Microsoft has announced that users of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1 will be eligible for free Windows 10 upgrade.

The offer will be available in a span of one year once the final build of the operating system is released on July 29.

Windows 10 will work across devices, from desktop to laptop computers, to tablets and smartphones. Various online sources say it has the so-called Continuum feature which allows the user interface to change depending on the type of device being used.

Windows 10
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Engadget reports that new features include a button that brings the Start Screen to full-screen, revamped Settings and Photos applications, a notification center, and the voice-controlled assistant Cortana built into the PC.

Mail and Calendar have also been tweaked on Windows 10 for smartphones. There's a universal Photos app for all devices and Skype and Messaging have been integrated. The Verge reports that users can SMS and Skype within the same thread, and switch between these apps easily.

More features have been unveiled including a holographic headset that the company said would project Windows 10 over views of the real world. Take a look of what's coming in the following videos:

Windows 10 was first presented at the Build Conference in April 2014 and unveiled to world knowledge five months later. It is scheduled to be launched on July 29, free of charge for the first twelve months.