Marlene Aguilar challenges Pope Francis to MMA sparring

Marlene Aguilar, the controversial sister of OPM icon Freddie Aguilar who called Pope Francis "evil," challenged the pontiff to a sparring à la MMA.

Calling herself a "She Dragon," Aguilar posted the following on Facebook over the weekend:

"I hereby challenge your Pope Francis to a sparring duel UFC style. If god is really on his side, then I shouldn't be able to bring him down on the ground in 1 round. But I promise you that I will, because the true one and only god is on my side."

Marlene Aguilar
Marlene Aguilar calls Pope Francis 'evil'

She started inviting criticisms when she called the Pope "kampon ng dilim" in a series of posts on January 16.

Aguilar, the mother of road rage murder suspect Jason Ivler, alleged that the Catholic leader has pending cases such as child rape, child torture, child murder genocide, and crimes against humanity in international courts.

She also shared links to stories claiming that the Pope was involved in supposed demonic rituals.

Some netizens only laughed off her allegations. She also gained more bashers, but they were not able to stop her from attacking them and Pope Francis.

"To those attacking my wall because of my personal beliefs: I do not see Pope Francis as a servant of good, or an ally of god. In my opinion, he is evil. And I think those who follow him are idiots," she said. "If what I say is not true, then why does it bother you?"

"I don’t go to your wall attacking you for idolizing a man wearing a white robe, who in my eyes is the commander of Satan himself. So why do you attack my wall? Is it because I threaten your false faith? Or is it because you are afraid I speak the truth?," she explained.

On Saturday, January 17, Aguilar challenged her critics to a mixed martial arts (MMA) sparring, UFC style, at the Elorde Gym in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

"If fully believe in God, you must be fearless to confront me. Do not be afraid because your God will save you," she said in Filipino.

It's unknown if someone has already accepted the challenge.