Manila Bulletin launches 'Be Fully Informed' campaign, hits nega netizens in 'Footbridge' ad

Manila Bulletin has launched its "Be Fully Informed" campaign online with an ad titled "Footbridge" aimed at curbing negativity among netizens.

The publication's drive is somehow similar to GMA Network's "Think Before You Click" campaign that promotes responsible use of social media.

The 51-second TV commercial tackles the issue about the miniature footbridge inside the Children’s Road Safety Park, located at the corner of Adriatico Street and Quirino Avenue in Manila, which was tagged as the "weirdest project in the world" in a Facebook post that went viral in September last year.

"Only in the Philippines. We didn't only waste money, but made us look dumb in the International Engineering Community," the trending post said.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) defended the mini-footbridge saying it is one of the features of the park where children can learn and understand basic traffic rules while playing.

Other miniatures inside the park include bike lanes, road signs, and sidewalks with curb and drainage system, according to an earlier report on MB Online.

A Facebook video of the ad, which opens with a picture of the controversial footbridge and pop up of relative negative comments from social media users, already garnered more than 700 likes and 220 shares, and over 17,400 views as of 7:30 a.m. on January 22.