Man to press charges against Cebu hospital staff, doctor for wife's death

Cesar Coliflores, husband of the woman who died in Cebu due to alleged wrong prescriptions, is determined to press charges against the Mandaue District Hospital.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, the grieving husband said he will file cases against the attending physican who prescribed the medicines and the nurses who injected it.

A video taken by his daughter, which shows his wife Jocelyn going restless inside the hospital room, was uploaded on his Facebook account last January 13. In it, someone is heard asking for a handcuff from the security guard.

Coliflores claimed that she died thirty minutes after being injected with medicines even without prior laboratory tests.

In a separate post, he attached pictures of bottles of Cefuroxime and Diphenhydramine, asking if these meds are used to treat a person diagnosed with ruptured cerebral (brain) aneurysm.

Also attached were snap shots of his wife's death certificate and the autopsy report issued by the regional crime lab of the Philippine National Police in Cebu City. In the latter document, the medico legal officer concluded that the cause of death is "sudden cardiac death."

Hospital officials told media that they would answer the charges in a proper forum. The names of the doctor and nurses involved have not been disclosed.

While many were sympathetic to the Coliflores family, some said the allegation (of "medical malpractice" as written by other news sources) is baseless. The patriarch is also accused of "spreading misinformation" and trying to "make money" out of their sorry plight.

Coliflores retaliated to the negative comments saying if those in the medical profession felt insulted, he too was extremely hurt over the death of his loved one.