Girl breaks up with Clash of Clans-addicted boyfriend

He was too busy playing and didn't have time for her anymore so the girl decided to break up with her Clash of Clans-addicted boyfriend.

The relationship turned from bad to worse after the pair created a scene at a subway.

The following video shows the girl dragging her boyfriend, who was very focused on the game, at least eight meters from where he was sitting and playing, into the train.

Reports said the boy was too addicted with Clash of Clans that he didn't mind playing the strategy online game all day long. Apparently, his girlfriend was already fed up because for many times he broke his promise to go out on a date with her and she was no longer his priority.

Some netizens said the subway incident was staged and the video was produced for advertising purposes. However, several social media users asked: "How come there was no mention of a product?"

Someone posted that she can relate to the situation of the girl in the video, saying that her former boyfriend's addiction to Clash of Clans prompted her to call it quits and find another lover.

She later found out that her past and present boyfies are CoC clan mates.