Netizens expose foreigners' modus in selling tech gadgets

Netizens have exposed the modus operandi of a group of foreigners who allegedly sell fake iPhones and old laptops disguised as brand new.

Some members of the Davao City's Public Safety and Security CC /911/TMC Support Group Facebook page said the suspects are Japanese and Korean-looking men. They pretend to be "lost in the city" and would later offer their devices in exchange for money to be used as "fare" in going home.

The suspects, they said, will attempt to trick their victims saying the laptop they are dealing have high-end specifications, including the "latest i7 processor, 500 GB harddisk, and 4GB RAM memory," which turn out to be false.

A certain Adam, who owns a computer repair shop, said the estimated actual value of the old Sony Vaio laptop is around two thousand pesos, but the foreigners are selling it for P10,000 to P12,000. Other complainants said they were offered a Dell laptop and iPhone 6 worth P18,000.

One said the suspects would first demo a real iPhone 6, but when they already have the money, they would switch it with a "sealed but fake iPhone 6."

The Japanese-looking suspect was described as 5'3" to 5 feet 4 inches tall. While they are currently in Davao, some netizens revealed that the suspects were spotted and have allegedly victimized people in the cities of General Santos and Digos, all in Mindanao.

Images: Credits to their respective owners