Fake P1,000 money spewed out by ATM?

A female netizen warned people about a fake P1,000 bill allegedly spewed out by an automated teller machine (ATM) on Wednesday, January 21.

fake P1,000 bill
Photo from Facebook
According to the Facebook user, her cousin noticed the fake money when the latter made a cash withdrawal. Posting in vernacular, she said the bank note looks like a cardboard with silky surface similar to a cellophane's.

The reporter said her cousin tried to return the fake bill, but the bank refused to accept it upon suspicion that the real one might have been replaced.

Instead of revealing its name, she only described it as a "large bank where government agencies make deposits" and the branch is "outside Davao City."

The netizen also clarified that she doesn't have any intention to discredit any bank and only reported the incident to raise awareness.

The report was not independently verified.