Woman's Facebook Rant vs Pope Sparks Online Debate Over Religion

A woman's Facebook rant against the Pope, who arrived in the Philippines on Thursday afternoon, has sparked an online debate over religion.

She posted the following shortly after the pontiff's arrival on January 15:


Their false teacher, false father has arrived.

While watching the news on TV today, I saw thousands of people creeping like ants, celebrating and gathering just to see their false teacher, who taught them lies to kneel down and pray on a statue that is mute, deaf and blind.

Thousands of people going to hell in jubilation for their false holy father...go march to hell...when Jesus Christ first came to the earth, only a few believed and accepted Him.

The priests and the people of Israel were burnt-out with envy and have always tried to look for an opportunity to have Jesus Christ killed..until they nailed him to the Cross... this false teacher is like gold being swarmed by people who are blind to the truth."

Said post was already removed, but netizens were able to capture screenshots.

Besides her "offensive" remarks about religion, it appears that this real estate agent is also very vocal about members of the LGBT community. She posted a news report about Filipina singer Charice Pempengco, a self-confessed lesbian, who showed off her 'sculpted body' on social media recently.

She described the international singing sensation as "A WOMAN DEVASTATED & DECEIVED BY SATAN."

Opposing views about this woman's posts as well as her religious affiliation can be seen on her Facebook timeline.