'Diaper Patrol' spotted during Pope's visit (photos)

Photos that captured the "Diaper Patrol," a group of civilians clad in fake police uniform spotted during the Papal visit, have gone viral.

Credits: Tony Ahn via Facebook

Magazine columnist Tony Ahn took the pictures and posted the same on Facebook on Sunday, January 18, when Pope Francis celebrated Mass at Quirino Grandstand.

"You probably wouldn't believe this if I didn't have photos. I laughed so hard at Diaper Patrol that I almost peed my pants! That wouldn't slow them down though!" he said.

There were reports that the idea was a "social experiment" and the persons involved were alleged paid actors of a comedy show.

In an update, Ahn confirmed that the "Diaper Patrol" was bogus.

"The person who organized this has stated that it was staged. Not real cops. Although it was shot along the Papal Route, near Banko Sentral, during the papal visit, these are not actual police officers," he shared. "Thank God."

The incident happened days after an American comedian poked fun at Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) enforcers who were told to wear adult diapers during activities that formed part of the Pope's five-day apostolic and state visit to the Philippines.

In the segment "Diaper Hard" during the January 15 episode of the satirical news program The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart mocked the reports that MMDA enforcers would be wearing diapers at the Papal visit due to shortage of portalets.

"You heard right! So large and inevitable will the crowds be when Pope Francis visits the Philippines, authorities in the capital city are having their law enforcement officials wear diapers!" Stewart said.

Here's a video:

In an interview earlier, MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino said wearing of adult diapers would ensure that enforcers won't leave their posts to answer the call of nature while stationed to keep watch the influx of people attending the events.