Couple Gets Cozy in Viral 'Painit Sa Bus' Video

A video showing a couple apparently doing something suspicious inside a passenger bus has gone viral online. Should we call it a scandal?

Pretty Pinay Girls, a Facebook page that features images of sexy women, posted the video titled "PAINIT SA LOOB NG BUS!" over the weekend. It has garnered more than 5,600 shares and over 300,000 views as of this posting.

Bus Video Scandal

It seems the pair in the video, who are allegedly students of Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) based on their uniforms, were having a great time while riding the bus.

It can be noticed that the girl sometimes bites her lips while her right arm appears to be doing a hand job, although no one really knows what happened behind the man's black bag. Maybe, she was just being sweet.

The person who took the video might have done it out of curiosity and we should remember that the couple was acting all lovey-dovey inside a public utility bus. Should it be considered an invasion of privacy?