Is ABS-CBN 'Evil'? Open Letter Against Kapamilya Network Goes Viral

The hashtag #EvilNetwork has been used by some netizens to describe ABS-CBN as an open letter against the Kapamilya network goes viral online.

ABS-CBN logo
An open letter from Rollie de Los Reyes of Courage Philippines


I am a staunch defender of the Catholic faith, and I am most excited in the upcoming visit of our Holy Father to our beloved country.
Yet I am most disgusted by what your franchise have done with this papal visit. You have pirated the logo of the papal visit and turned it against the Catholic Church!

You should be ashamed of yourselves! You have twisted the Pope's statement to promote your own anti-religious, anti-clerical, anti-moral principles!

As if your television shows that promote promiscuity, teenage sex, pornography and other malicious gay agenda are not enough, and your celebrities that are all bad examples for our young people with their promiscuous lifestyles and gay marriages are not enough to taint the minds of our young people!

Know that I myself have personally written the Holy Father about these actions, as CBCP has already condemned your actions as not worthy to be patronized by our people!

I know how you push for your immoral agenda among our people, but you would always be met by vigilant Catholics who will not stand by while you malign our teachings, much less our Holy Father!

We stand by the Catholic Church and your brand of immoral shows and merchandise will be judged by God himself. We will not patronize any of it.
May your conscience bother you, if ever you still have one.

A loving son of the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church

Rolando delos Reyes II

Delos Reyes is an adviser for Courage Philippines, a group that claims to provide "spiritual support for men and women with same-sex attractions who desire to develop lives of interior chastity in union with Christ."

The open letter was posted at a time when ABS-CBN was pulling out the “No race. No religion” #POPETYSM statement shirts that were sold weeks before the apostolic and state visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines.

"ABS-CBN assures the public that there was no intent to deceive or mislead the public through the commemorative shirts that carry statements inspired by Pope Francis’ message of love, openness, and humility," Bong Osorio, the network's spokesman, said in a statement. "We apologize if a particular statement shirt offended anyone. We are pulling out the item from our online shop and all retail partner stores."

The broadcaster has yet to respond to the open letter.