What Happens When There's Discrepancy In Lotto Results

There was a discrepancy in the 3-Digit (Suertres) lotto game result earlier. Several websites posted that the winning numbers were "8-2-5."

PCSO 3Digit Suertres Lotto

The official result of the 11 a.m. draw on Monday, December 8, 2014, is 2-5-2, according to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).


What happened was authorized PCSO lotto outlets in most parts of the country apparently went offline before/during Monday's 11 a.m. draw.

When they are offline, websites resort to getting the 3D winning numbers from illegal swertres and last two operators, who pass the results to their outlets via text messaging. It was where the error originated.


If you notice that the 3D and 2D results are not posted on a particular website at the same time, chances are the 3D winning number is unofficial, illegitimate, and not provided by authorized lotto outlets (especially when they are offline).

It is heartbreaking that when you go to the outlet to claim the prize, your excitement just go pfft because there's discrepancy in the results.

To prevent such situation from happening, it is recommended/suggested that checking of results for verification/confirmation purposes must be done multiple times using multiple online sources.