WARNING: Graphic Video Shows Terrible Road Accident

WARNING: This graphic video that has gone viral on Facebook this week shows a terrible vehicular accident where the majority of passengers died.

The video, which was posted last December 6 by a certain Aris Natividad IV, has garnered more than 2,300 shares and over 89,000 views as of Sunday morning.

This road mishap did not happen in the Philippines, based on the language spoken by people talking and sometimes shouting in the background. Some commenters believed that it took place in Thailand.

As you can see, bodies were thrown several feet away from the wreckage, an indication that the impact was tremendous. We can only imagine the speed of the vehicles prior to collision.

Aside from the remains of fatalities, what's noticeable is that people did not touch anything until the emergency responders and rescue team arrived, which established a fact that residents in the area where the unfortunate incident happened are well-disciplined.
WARNING: Graphic Video Shows Terrible Road Accident