Taxi Driver vs Ateneo Student Video Goes Viral

This viral video shows a taxi driver and an Ateneo student arguing on whose fault is it if the former has no change for the latter's P500 fare.

Mark Buraga, the Ateneo student, posted the video with a narration of his story on Facebook on Saturday, December 6, as follows:

I was late for my Final Exam in Ateneo because of this guy from RED ANGELO taxi. I've been calling the company but no one is answering.

He didn't have change for my 500 so we had to go to the nearest gas station (petron jupiter) to break my 500. In Petron he took his fare and didn't take me back to Ateneo, he left me there.

Kindly share, I want to make sure that the only thing he'll be driving for the rest of his life is a pedicab. I want his license suspended.

Maraming Salamat Po!"

Whose fault was it?

Taxi driver vs Ateneo student