Student 'Plagiarizes' Cocolisap Docu Video for Thesis

A 21-year-old male student from a known educational institution is being accused of plagiarizing a cocolisap documentary video for a thesis.

Student 'Plagiarizes' Cocolisap Docu Video for Thesis

Jerome Brusas, who's said to be studying at STI Lucena, posted the following on Facebook in early October:

Hi, Ms. Joyce. I'm a big fan of yours regarding your work on Cocolisap infestation. Very nice documentary video indeed.
Me and my group decided to include your documentary video into our thesis movie project due to not having much time to improve it. We had problems that wasted our allotted time to make it. So we needed a shortcut in which we edited your video as our own. We are very sorry. We really didn't mean to do this. What I am here for is to get a favor from you to temporarily hide that documentary video from being searched within one month until our project is done. They are more likely to find your video on YouTube and bring us down. I hope you understand.

We are going to remake our video and include you on our credit when we are already escaped from the adviser, coordinator, and panelist. I promise.

I really need your help. Thank you.

The person he mentioned is Joyce Anne Quinto, a member of The UP Community Broadcasters' Society who, along with her peers, conceptualized, filmed, and created the cocolisap documentary.

She uploaded the video, which was produced by the Philippine Coconut Authority of the Department of Agriculture, on May 23, 2014.

Based on his post, Brusas requested JA Quinto to have the original video removed from YouTube so his "adviser, coordinator, and panelist" won't be able to watch it.

JA Quinto replied on Tuesday, December 23:

As stated in the video's description, I do not have the sole ownership on the Cocolisap Documentary. There were other people involved in the project, which by the way was funded by The Philippine Coconut Authority of the Department of Agriculture. The video was uploaded to inform the masses about a (serious) national crisis on agriculture. We cannot simply take the video down for your group’s selfish reasons.

Coconuts are also known as the "lazy man's crop." Somehow, the first two words in the phrase befit the student and his group who can't make their own thesis and just resort to copying someone's work.